About Connie Jordan-Carmichael

Connie grew up in California and has a variety of interests including wave running, sailing, art, theater and film. She is also involved with several charities centering on helping the homeless and hurting around the world and in her own City. She is considered by her friends to be a hard working, no nonsense, can do type of personally, not afraid to take her own path and stand up for her beliefs.

Connie Jordan-Carmichael

Connie Jordan-Carmichael

Connie began her professional career in banking, where she excelled beyond her peers. Later joining U.S. West in the Information Systems Division, Jordan consulted, designed and implemented technology for Fortune 500 clients, traveling extensively as a lecturer at trade shows and industry events, and at leading telecommunications seminars. Jordan turned her attention to the design of intricate telecommunications solutions for clients, as Founder CEO and Director of Signal Management Group.

Jordan later went on to write and produce programming for ABC, ESPN, and the Discovery Network, produced several music videos and television commercials and served as co host on California Lifestyles. Described by her peers as a futuristic, inventive, and creative thinker, Jordan has authored and co authored several patents. Jordan believes these blessings are from God. For more information visit –http://us.fotolog.com/conniejordan/



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