WEAV from Ubiquity Broadcasting Corporation for Web Apps

The very concept of cloud has brought a great revolution in the field of technology in the modern era which has been quite impressively presented by Connie Jordan-Carmichael. Clouding has made it possible for sharing data and content over the web through a platform that is driven by the various web services. WEAV is a web based platform from Ubiquity Broadcasting Corporation. It is a type of cloud in which you can share videos, files and content through various services which are encoded with a particular format so that you can run it over different technologies as you can share resource in HTML5, Twitter, and AOL etc. WEAV is a patented web services which helps sharing of resources in different sites. It gives very good quality of video both live and on demand video streaming on different websites.

Sharing Resources through WEAV developed by Connie Jordan-Carmichael

WEAV has made it possible for sharing resources through services that are web based services. Content is shared on the cloud where you can add different sites so that the shared resources will be implemented only on those websites. Web services are an interface which helps your data and content readable to other technologies. Web services have made it possible for different technologies to use resources from the web. It has made a cloud over the web so that different sites can use it. These are very flexible and can be easily deployable. These can be easy implementable over the web.

WEAV Use in Different Apps for Sharing Data in Mobile Technology

These days mobile technology is mostly running on cloud computing and is used to share files that are transferred via the web services platform. Web services provide resource in the form of a parameter that is needed to fetch or display it and helps in easy accessibility of resource on different platforms. Web services help in fetching content or different files from web and fetched data can be used in our application. It is easy accessible and very much secure mode. Any updates in the web services will also be applicable to all the sites that are in the cloud. So it really helps to save time and more over one change is implementable in whole cloud. WEAV provides a transfer of video files or content over the cloud and these files are implemented through services. It gives both live and on demand video streaming which is great part for any web service. It is based upon standard that includes LAMP, SSL and HTML5.

WEAV has great future in Cloud technology with Ubiquity Broadcasting Corp

Since technology is increasing, the use of web services in different forms is also increasing. Because of its secure and easy accessible qualities it will be very beneficial for sharing resources over the web. With the introduction of Web 3.0 services it has made possible to share files with 10 MB of data which is great improvement in the field of web services. These services help to share files, mobile and videos in different sites through a single implementation. It helps save time is secure safe and easy to integrate. This technology has great future in upcoming years due to its great unique idea and use of cloud technology.

For more details regarding Ubiquity Broadcasting Corporation and its services visit here at – http://www.linkedin.com/pub/dir/Connie/Jordan

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